Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog traveling

Well I was unfortunately assigned with the task of looking at some posts. That was hard for me at first, but i figured it out. First blog i looked at was Hannah's . Well i know Hannah personalty. She is in my class, sorry Hannah im starting with the bad. Well first thing i noticed was the background covering the words a little. Not only that, but some of the words were white on a white background.
Aside from those two things, this blog site is probably the best there is. Most defiantly better than most ive seen; keep up the good work Hannah.
             From my looking, Nicole probable has the best blog i have seen. Sorry Hannah, she has you beat. If anyone wants to look for guidance, look at this blog . Now, one of the first things i noticed was how fun to look at it is. Coming from me, thats a lot. Not only this, but Her posts are interesting. Plus things tend to be quite random; witch is also awesome.
            Concuding this, I would say both blogs are good in many ways. Good job both of you, and good day ;)

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